Here are some of the photos that don't necessarily fit on any of the other pages:

Christine (Billing? or a friend?), Jean Grimsby (a friend), Tony Billing and Diana Cooley in 1930
Deeks, Leeks and Dunphies
Jean Deeks, Marigold Leeks, Jill Dunphy, Gay Leeks, Shirley Deeks and Tom Leeks in about 1943
Siobhan on the beach
Siobhan Simpson nee Johnson
in 2008
Kevin and Linda
Kevin Johnson with his fiancee, Linda
in 2008
Corina and Natalie Billing
Corina and Natalie Billing in 2007
Edward Billing
Edward Billing and friend
Tom, Pip, Sandra, and Mick
Tom Leeks, Philip Ind, Sandra the cocker spaniel, Bruce the Cairn terrier and Mick Billing in 1944
John Billing
John Billing in 2008 (now a non-smoker!)

Me and Alex
Fran Sinclair (nee Billing) and Alex in 2001

Fran, Tom, Nik and Jill in Winnersh in 2009
Rosy Ind
Rosy Ind in February 2009
Vashti Louisa Burridge nee Cooley aged 85 in 1957
Vashti Louisa Burridge nee Cooley aged 85 in 1957