Born in 1908 in Aldershot, Charles was a "Just William" child, according to his sister Dorothy's account; forever getting into scrapes and playing the fool. He joined the RAF as a Halton apprentice, eventually reaching the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

One of Charles' friends was Frank Whittle (of jet engine fame) but Charles burned a lot of his wartime photos, including those of the two together. (Jonathan)

Charles married Gwendolen Ellen Dunningham of Raydon in 1941 (Gwen was born in 1921) and their one son, Jonathan, was born in 1955.
"I remember Charles being very proud of his 4 year old son being able to drive the tractor". (Jill)

When Charles retired from the RAF he farmed chickens and pigs on land that had once been Raydon aerodrome, a USAAF base during the war. Grandma's 1965 diary shows that Gwen used to call weekly at Pond Hall to take Hettie shopping or to otherwise help out.

Charles died in 1995.