James’ eldest sister, Ann (born in 1834) married Frederick William Langley in 1859. He was a tailor and woollen draper. If it remained in the family, it may well have been his draper's shop that Hal remembered when he reminisced about the Osborns having a shop in Northampton. Their daughter, Alice Mary, was a schoolteacher.

Henrietta was two years younger than Ann and married Henry James Kirby, who was a currier. This was a skilled trade, preparing skins for the shoemakers, saddlers and glove makers. They lived in Wellingborough in 1871.

James was next in line, then four years later Thomas was born. He married Eliza Ann Langley (Frederick’s sister?) and was a boot and shoe riveter in 1881.

Elizabeth (born 1845) was a teacher and married another teacher, Samuel Wilson. Samuel came from Penrith and became the head teacher at Penrith elementary school. Their son, Harry Percy Wilson was born in Penrith in 1875 but came south and became head teacher at the Art School on North Hill in Colchester, linking both Maud’s and Hal’s memories.

The youngest sibling, Martha, born in 1847, married Charles Smith, a tailor.

The parents of this brood were Robert Bradshaw Osborn and his wife Ann Trench. Her mother was also Ann, born in about 1772 but who Mr Trench was is not yet known.

Robert was born in Wellingborough in 1803 to Alderman Osborne (born 1775, and that was his name, not his title) and his wife Elizabeth Bradshaw. Both came from Wellingborough and both had beautiful handwriting (seen in their signatures on their marriage entry in the parish register) but that is all we know of them. Robert was a shoemaker, living in Castle Street, Northampton and in 1841 his wife Ann was a shoe-liner.

In 1861 they lived in Seymour Place in Northampton by which time Robert was a Sexton. They had 2 boarders in the house, 1 lodger and Robert’s sister Harriet Bevan with her daughter. Robert died in 1870 but Ann remained living in Seymour Place.

Alderman Osborne was so named because his mother's maiden name was Ann Alderman. His father, William, may have been born to a line of Osburns from the village of Weldon but this has not yet been confirmed.